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AKC Group started its business in 2010. Since its inception way back in 2010, AKC Group has provided the best products and services to its clients. The company’s dynamic efforts and business acumen oversaw the transformation of the company from a company that offered a limited amount of products and services to an organization that now offers the complete range of products and services.

It was after the year 2012, that the company added various other products and services to its repertoire to become the one-stop-multi solutions company. Today, AKC Group is one of the first choices, when it comes to ensuring the safety of homes, offices, factories and various other facilities. AKC Group is now one of the leading products and services providers. Our huge list of clients is a solid testimonial for the quality and the efficacy of these products and services.

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Our Security Experts

The Security Experts that come under AKC Group are as follows:
Brig. Tarun Madan (Retd)
Security Adviser
Lt. Col. V.K.Singh (Retd)
Company Manager
Col. Anup Chopra (Retd)
Security Consultant
Lt. Col. S.K.Nagpal (Retd)
Security Consultant
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